Waiting List: - St Andrews Allotments are happy to welcome new tenants, to add your name to our waiting list please contact the Secretary using the form below.

As a guide to taking on an allotment plot the RHS, Allotments: - Getting Started provides some useful infromation.

Not mentioned on the RHS Allotment page but still important to consider: -

Time & Effort - Taking on and maintaining a plot requires some time and effort throughout the year; preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting and keeping tidy is an ongoing task.

Money - You will need a budget for tools, seeds, compost/maure and other essential items. It is also worth considering that growing your own isn't always a saving, buying your vegetables from the market can sometimes work out cheaper, the rewards are more in relation growing and harvesting your own fresh produce.
















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31/07/2022 - We presently have 32 people on our waiting list.

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