Tool Store

To access the tools you will need to contact one of our committee member key holders.

Key Holders : - David Brockhurst, June Scott, John Tasker, David Reid, David Woolveridge.

We do not make a charge for the use of the tools however a small contribution would be appreciated to help cover cost of petrol, maintenance and sundries.

Lawn Mower : - The paths will be mown on a regular basis by a member of our committee or one of our voluntary helpers, as the lawn mower doesn't quite cover the full width of the path (due to raised borders etc.) it is up to each individual tenant to keep their plot borders tidy.

Battery Strimmer : - Please let us know in advance if you want to use the battery strimmer, this is for convenience and availability as the strimmer batteries are not stored in the tool shed, when you want to use the strimmer the battery will be provided.

please contact: -

David Brockhurst: - / 01423 881204

June Scott: - / 07800924588

You may also be able to access the battery strimmer at any time you see either David or June on site, ask and they will provide the strimmer and battery.

Petrol Strimmer : - The petrol strimmers are both 2 stroke and require the use of both petrol and oil when filling for use.

Petrol Rotavator : - We have two petrol rotavators.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer : -